I am an architect with 6 years of professional work experience based in Amsterdam. Over the course of these years I had the opportunity of working for some amazing offices in Greece (Konstantios DaskalakisAntonas Office) and the Netherlands (TD, JAM* architectendroog) that allowed me to improve my understanding of architecture and design and its importance within our societies. Due to the small size of these offices, I have been involved on many different aspects of the architecture practice including pre-design research and site analysis, concept development, preparation of conceptual and technical drawings and 3d models, interior design and visual presentations. 
Large part of my recent work with Theo Deutinger was to produce multilayered socio-economic info graphics for magazines like Mark magazine in the Netherlands and GEO magazine in Germany. Several of those works were combined in the book Handbook of Tyranny published by Lars Müller publishers in 2017.
Since 2015 I have been tutoring at TU Delft, Chair of Complex Projects. This position provided me with a platform for a more theoretical approach to architecture and has been constantly feeding me with inspiration. Tutoring at a studio of 6-10 students also allowed me to improve my management and team leadership skills.
In 2015 together with Anna Musch, Cleo de Brabander and  Eliza Mante, we co-founded "Studio Klus", a design collective based in Amsterdam. The studio attempts to creates bold and exciting spacial interventions & experiences that challenge the way people behave within a context be it an event, a space or the city itself.
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