status: in progress
"Are You Green Enough?" is a wordplay to the fact that Laarbeek is the greenest municipality in the Netherlands and expresses our aim to challenge every resident of Laarbeek whether they contribute enough as an individual. 

We use the urban space of the villages of Laarbeek as a stage. We transform various elements to convey a message, to activate an emotional response, to inform and induce behavioral change. We are the directors, the urban space of Laarbeek is the theater and the residents are both the actors and the audience.
By creating small, spatial interventions within the urban context of Laarbeek, we want to inform the residents about how you can adopt a more sustainable lifestyle as individuals. We aim to encourage small behavioral changes by infiltrating their daily routines. Laarbeek is already very successful as a municipality in regards to sustainability. We are not attempting to compete with that. Instead “Are You Green Enough?” focuses on the individual and the small daily changes that he/she can do in his/ her routine in order to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. 
Our project is personal, intrusive, sometimes uncomfortable but also fun and attractive. All interventions are grouped together by the same bright yellow color. This ensures a coherent whole and therefore a clearer message.
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