axonometric diagram of the apparatus

Due to bureaucracy and financial difficulties a weird urban phenomenon can be observed in greek cities. All new projects adjacent to existing one storey buildings are forced to keep the common facade blind from windows due to the fact that the low rise building might one day expand vertically. However since more than 15 years greek people do not have the financial capability of expanding these one storey houses, which leads to the contemporary blind facade metropolis that is the city of Athens today. 
At the same time the greek people become more and more active in political matters and take to the streets trying to express their dissatisfaction with the corrupt political system.
“Data Box” consists out of three prefabricated units that parasite on these blind facades of the bankrupt city of Athens. It hangs from the adjacent residential buildings and allows access from 3 levels; the roof of the 5-6 storey high residential buildings, the low rise residences and the street.
It functions as a communication platform between citizens interested in sharing their opinions on political and social issues or any other kind issue.
It collects, archives and transmits data throughout the city, promoting what bankrupt Greece needs most. People’s ideas and opinions. As a democratic apparatus it enables citizens voices to be heard, not by politicians but rather by other citizens.


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