client: confidential
status: conceptual design
project copyrights: Antonas Office
Text by Antonas Office:
“The urban congregation of ship containers named "bidonville horizontal Skyscraper" or "vertical mobile village" or "scaffold city" or "Escape - Hell Palace" is a quick solution for temporary housing responding to the needs of new residential areas in Hymetus, Athens, Greece. It is conceived as a "housing library", where the units that form the ensemble can change place. The structure is conceived as a high, three dimensional infrastructure grid that can receive ready made elementary homes, hosted in ship containers through an interior solution that allows the units to plug in the village's infrastructure. The construction is proposed as a part of a complex urban proposal that challenges a new strategy for the centre of Athens. As it is already known in some of its parts the centre of Athens is emptied from its previous functions. Many of the Athens centre proprietors do not rent out their offices, stores and apartments, still believing that they can reach high prices even if the Greek economy has collapsed. The proposal functions as a strategic obligatory space redistribution that is controlled by the state or the municipality and gives to the landlords some space in this vertical village in return for their ground floor shops or offices that are temporarily expropriated, in order that the city centre starts functioning again.
The complex is a dismountable and expandable metallic 3d grid that can allow the insertion of ship containers or other keg-like units to its infrastructure through a sophisticated elevator and rolling belt system. The mobile village can also function as an Urban camping structure, permitting the rent of its available places to whom wants to use its sophisticated infrastructure for some months. Its inhabitants may move with their homes to other cities that could include scaffold suburbs of this type. In a micro level inhabitants can also compose larger ensembles by uniting ship containers in order to form more complex compositions of more than one containers; there can be homes constituted of two, three or four containers arranged together."

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